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One of the finest frequency devices on the market has become even better.

rifebcxThe BCX Ultra

  • US Price US $2695 (shipping included – within the continental US)
  • Canada Price US $2705 (shipping included)

Send me an email or call 416-534-0002 and I’ll give you PayPal payment instructions.

Decades of study has shown that light & sound vibration may be able to eliminate the microbes that are making you sick and that specific frequencies can help you get well, stay well and feel good again.

By exposing disease organisms to highly modified forms of their  own unique frequency, viruses and bacteria can be eliminated by the millions leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

Validated by many years of investigation, this technology can be used for experimental research purposes on pathogens and other metabolic deficiencies like:

  • arthritis
  • fungus
  • virus
  • candida
  • migraines
  • infections
  • herpes
  • lyme disease
  • depression
  • kidney insufficiency
  • lupus
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic fatigue
  • liver congestion
  • and many other conditions


The BCX ULTRA is :

  • excellent for prevention and rejuvenation purposes
  • user friendly and now available for your own research.

Turn your health around and enjoy life again regardless of your condition.


The Advanced BCX ULTRA Radio Frequency Plasma Ray Tube brings Rife-type radio frequency instrumentation into the 21st Century with unequaled  precision and performance.

The NEW BCX ULTRA is state of the art:

  • 1236 pre-programmed channels for many common conditions
  • 256 channels to program with your own frequencies
  • frequency plasma tubes with a range up to 100,000 Hz
  • electrode delivery with a range up to 100,000 Hz,
  • and with an exciting range of wave forms… square, sine, triangle and more to assist with advanced research


  • Learn how specific frequencies can help recharge your body by cleansing and strengthening your immune system.
  • Balance your energy field to help bring in higher energies for body mind & soul.
  • You may also charge your water, crystals, healing grids, your space and yourself…
  • Charge your body and cells with the right frequency and you can prevent disease!


  • US Price US $2695 (shipping included – within the continental US)
  • Canada Price US $2705 (shipping included)

Send me an email or call 416-534-0002 and I’ll give you PayPal payment instructions.



  • The New BCX Ultra
  • Advanced Radio Frequency Technology
  • 20 Years Of Frequency Technology Design And Development

The BCX ULTRA is our finest Instrument to date, offering many extraordinary features.

The ULTRA has Radio Frequency (RF) in both glass tubes and electrodes that you can use simultaneously. The ray tubes produce a higher voltage while the electrodes produce a higher current. This combination produces even better results in your research on killing unwanted microbes.

The greatest breakthrough in all our manufacturing years has been the spike wave. A close second is utilizing the RF carrier wave. All of our other features have been added to optimize to a fuller extent these 2 great pillars in devitalizing dangerous microbes. The BCX ULTRA offers many features other frequency devices do not. Dr. Rife used Ray tubes and so do we. Our hand held ray tubes are one very important feature allowing you to put the frequencies right where they are needed for maximum benefits.

Dr. Rife stated, “Now the spikes that you see on the frequencies are the lethal part that kill and devitalize the virus. They are the resonant peaks of the frequencies which increase the voltage to a very high potential which the cells of the virus wall can not tolerate and they break up into many pieces and are destroyed.” This statement is according to John Crane who worked with Dr. Royal Rife.

bcx3WAVE FORMS:  You can use square wave for killing pathogens and you can use sine wave for regeneration and healing. The Ultra has many other wave forms to choose from for experimentation.

CARRIER WAVES:  The Ultra has a basic carrier wave that is preset at about 45,000 Hz for the glass tubes. There are 3 carrier waves to choose from for the rest of the electrodes. They are 1.67, 1.25 and 1.00 MHz (1,000,000 Hz).

The Ultra has a carrier frequency that penetrates deeper and farther. It has been shown in scientific studies on bioelectric impedance analysis in the body that audio frequencies will enter the body but only travel in the connective tissue around cells. Studies also show the closer to 1 megahertz the greater the penetration into the cells. Because of this Dr. Rife always used a carrier frequency in the MGz range so the frequency could enter the body and cells where the microbes are located.  The BCX ULTRA has the ability to produce a 1 megahertz carrier frequency for better penetration .intocells where the microbes live.

In the case of electricity, power is determined by multiplying two factors: volts and amps. The waveform of the volts and amps determines its power in relation to its peak. The Ultra references to peak. This is why square waves have greater power density than sine waves or triangle wave…

technicalGATING OR ENTRAINMENT is what we used to call pulse on our previous machine. THE ULTRA uses 3.5 Hz as a default. Abrams, who worked with Rife, used 3.5-4 Hz for gating.  Gating is another form of modulation. The Ultra  modulates 2 frequencies when it plays an audio frequency with a Radio carrier frequency. In other words, the audio frequency is piggy backed onto a higher frequency. While this is happening, the Ultra introduces a 3.5 Hz gating which causes the tubes to blink as you run the frequencies. Entrainment (gating) is defined as the tendency of two oscillating bodies to phase together so that they vibrate in harmony. This principle of entrainment is universal in nature. By using the pulse (gating) you avoid the microbes adjusting to the frequency so they can be eliminated better.


  • US Price US $2695 (shipping included – within the continental US)
  • Canada Price US $2705 (shipping included)

Send me an email or call 416-534-0002 and I’ll give you PayPal payment instructions.


BCX Feedback

From John White, electrical engineer:

You asked me to provide some sort of feedback on the machine. Here it is. You can use this letter for whatever use you wish, either in it’s entirety or portions. I don’t mind my email being published.

My name is John White. (jsew@xnet.co.nz). I am an electrical engineer with 30 years experience in electronics and high power circuitry. I have a technical background and don’t have a blind belief in alternative healing. I wish to give feedback of a BCX-Ultra I purchased in May 2010. I have no commercial interest in this machine, and the following is totally unbiased and honest.

Before purchasing the BCX-Ultra I investigated all the alleged “Rife” machines available on the market. I have also designed and built Rife machines myself using advanced electronics, and measured the results obtained.

One must understand certain principles before deciding on the unit to buy. I will avoid technical terms to clarify to a broader audience the points I am making.

A magical “resonant frequency” for cell destruction does not exist. Most Rife machine suppliers talk about cell “resonance”. An analogy often used is the wine glass cliché, where a certain frequency will shatter the glass. Take a minute to think this one out. We are mostly composed of water. Fill a wine glass with water and it will never resonate. No frequency will get the glass to break. What must be achieved is impedance resonance, which is very technical and difficult to explain in layman’s terms.

Power levels are NOT important. In Royal Rife’s experiments, a greater effect was found when the power level was lower.

What IS important is the transfer of energy from the frequency generator to the pathogen. This is achieved when the radiation of the Rife machine matches that of the pathogen. This is known as impedance matching.

I evaluated all of the commercially available “Rife” units and believe the BCX-Ultra is the ONLY commercial unit on the market today that will function correctly.

I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship put into the BCX-Ultra. I have tested its output levels and waveforms, and they are stable and accurate. The design engineers have obviously put an immense effort into designing a world-class machine, and should be proud of what they have built.

I will illustrate the effectiveness of the BCX ultra with the following 4 examples.

My daughters had typical teenager acne, predominantly over her nose and forehead area. After only 1 session (45 minute standard program) the acne disappears *completely* over the subsequent 2 days. The program needs to be repeated every 3 weeks. She holds the ray tubes across her cheeks as she watches TV. No cream product works as well and instantly as the BCX-Ultra.

My wife became struck with the “flu”. She was so severely hit that she crawled into bed with a fever, shivering and with aching joints, and was unable to move. I pried open her fingers and ran a virus program with her holding the ray tubes. She fell asleep, and I left her. After an hour she came into the kitchen complaining she was hungry. The program had completed, she had no fever, and she was cured. I quite simply could not believe my eyes.

I treated a friend with extremely evasive small cell cancer. The cancer had grown from her lungs into her lymphatic system. I treated her before she began chemotherapy, and the size of her tumour reduced remarkably after just 2 sessions. The chemotherapy has now poisoned her to the stage that she has been too unwell for further “Rife” treatment.

Last night I had a sore throat, running nose and felt very unwell. I ran the same program with the tubes across my throat. An hour after the program completed my sore throat was gone. 8 hours later my energy levels have returned. Normally when I get a sore throat I feel unwell for at least a week. This has prompted me to finally send feedback on the machine

If you are looking at purchasing a “Rife” machine that will not disappoint, you need to buy this unit. It is very aggressive and precise, and you will get remarkable results. Remember it is not a toy, and you will feel tired after treatment as your body flushes out the dead pathogens. I would recommend you predominantly use the hand held ray tubes as they will give better results.

I find myself unable to fault the BCX-Ultra. It will kill outright many, if not all, pathogens, often with complete cures after a single session. Remember to drink plenty of fluids so your body can eliminate the waste.

In future models I would like to see the option of selecting higher definable carrier frequencies, computer control via USB, and bio feedback.

In summary, I am exceedingly pleased in my purchase decision. If you have a medical condition or want to prevent future illnesses, get a BCX-Ultra for yourself, and give those bacteria / virii the roasting they deserve.



I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and a co-infection babesia in April 2004. I was told that the only way to eliminate the lyme was to treat the babesia first. So I immediately started using my BCX Plasma Frequency Instrument “rife machine” with the babesia frequencies. I ran the frequencies for 3 minutes each, every couple of days, and after 2 weeks I decided to move the frequency time from 3 minutes to 7 minutes. I can tell you now not to increase the length of time that much that fast, but instead to gradually work up to your desired level. After one treatment at 7 minutes each frequency I broke out 24 hours later with a severe rash located around all my joints from my neck down. Followed by 10 days of severe muscle and joint pain, the likes of which only aspirin could relieve. A trip to my osteopath the next day confirmed that I was dealing with a severe herxheimer reaction due to the fact that my liver and kidneys were overwhelmed with the die off of babesia. Unable to detoxify that much waste was forcing the toxins out through my skin around my joints. Babesia and Lyme tend to reside in the joint areas. I decided to go back to the 3 minute range when I started feeling better weeks later and then several months later I decided to try the 7 minute time period once again. And once again I had the same results only not nearly as bad. Since then I have ran the BCX several times on 7 minutes with no more die off. I have since been tested for the presence of the babesia parasite and the test was negative. I can “honestly” say the BCX Plasma Frequency Instrument eliminated the babesia. Never once did I take any pharmaceutical drugs other than aspirin.

Greg L.

South Central Nebraska



There is no doubt the BCX Ultra Rife machine had a huge impact on the healing of Lyme disease for my 18-year-old son and I. I had Lyme disease for a month, maybe 5 weeks before getting the machine. I had chosen not to use antibiotics since my research showed they weren’t always effective and in fact sometimes made symptoms worse. I have always used alternative and natural treatments for illness so I did the same with Lyme, researching everything I could find on the web.

I believe the alternative treatments/remedies I did before purchasing the Rife machine were helpful, and were keeping my symptoms from spreading and getting worse, but healing was painfully slow (literally).  Even though I was seeing slight improvement each day, I wasn’t improving fast enough for my liking.

The Rife machine worked quickly however and I felt noticeably better after just two 30- to 50-minute treatments (two days apart). My tiredness lessened each day and disappeared within a couple weeks. My muscle soreness improved dramatically each day. I have continued treatments for the past few weeks and my symptoms are almost gone.

I believe the symptoms left are NOT active Lyme disease but are muscle damage and atrophy caused from the disease. I will continue Rife treatments (and immune-building remedies/treatments) for another 5 months or so to make sure to get any bacteria that are hiding or went dormant (they are sneaky little buggers). I am also doing a Rife “healing” program for my sore muscles (along with massage, chiropractic, nutritional support, and my own physical therapy/stretching/exercise routines. I’m a dancer and have been finding moving and stretching very helpful).

The symptoms I started with before using the Rife machine were severe pain in my upper back, neck, shoulders, and arms (mainly my left arm). Occasionally I had pain in my left leg and hip too. It often kept me from doing anything physical, including housework, and I had trouble
sleeping (that’s an understatement). I also was tired during the day and often watched TV, not even having enough energy to read a book (which isn’t like me at all!)

The reason I am confident my Lyme disease is gone is that my energy is back to normal (in fact it sometimes seems better than before I had Lyme disease), and even though I still have soreness in my shoulders and upper back/neck, it is minimal compared to what it was, and truthfully it feels significantly different. It feels more like muscle damage than diseased muscles if that makes sense.

My son Tyler’s experience is even more “miraculous” than mine. Tyler got the bulls-eye rash, flu symptoms, and fever just a few days before my Rife machine was due in the mail. He decided he wanted to do antibiotics since he thought he could get better quicker that way. So he got a prescription on a Friday afternoon. My machine was due on Wednesday. I told him all the great things I had read and heard about it and I said,  “Why don’t you try my alternative remedies and the Rife machine for a week, before taking the antibiotics.” He decided to give it a try.  His only symptom, after the flu symptoms went away, was a sore neck, being early in the disease. After a week of rife treatments (and other alternatives, most of which are suggested in the rife manual), Tyler was symptom-free and back to normal. We will continue treatments once a week for him, for a few months, even though he is symptom-free, just to be safe I wish I knew about and got the Rife machine earlier in my disease, before it attacked my muscles as bad as it did, but I am confident I will heal up, since the soreness is relatively minor at this point and it is getting better each day. I highly recommend the Rife machine for Lyme disease. It was a miracle for us. And it’s fun to use besides!

Donna L.

Newton, MA



Hi, I bought both BCX Ultra’s from you. Using them, several friends have gotten rid of parasites, & candida. One friend got rid of lung cancer; another friend got rid of liver cancer. I’ve also used it on myself for parasites as well as high blood pressure. Every one reacts differently. One gets headaches during the die off, another feels sluggish, and another feels nausea. I seemed to get headachy and sluggish. I usually do 4-5 frequencies at a time for 3 minutes each every other day for 4 times then switch frequencies. This way seems to be pretty effective.




The first time I got shingles I was in severe pain for about 2 weeks. It was excruciating pain to take a breath. I had to crawl to the bathroom.

I got shingles again last month. The first day I used the BCX Ultra machine and the very first treatment with this frequency machine I couldn’t believe how the pain was gone after only one treatment. I used the machine again the next day. The pain and shingles were completely gone and have never returned, after only 2 treatments. Here are the frequency’s I did for the shingles: 5 min on each frequency  2170, 1900, 1800,1600, 1500, 802, 1865, 880, 787,  727, 20, 574, 1557, 345, 668, 716, 738, 47, 2126, 464, 574, 304, 3343, 914, 665, and do 20 min each on 1552, 2489, 2950, 2347

M Hopkins

Southern, CA



I just wanted you to know how much the Rife Frequency machine that you sold me has improved my health. I have multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies to pollens and molds, and suffered from frequent sinus infections. It is so important to me that I am not on any antibiotics or steroids to further deplete my immune system. So now I rely on the Rife Frequencies to knock out any infection or virus that I get. It works great for the urinary track infections that I have had. I found that just with a couple of treatments using the frequencies totally killed the bacteria that caused this infection.

I work in the aircraft business and I am exposed to many toxins. The frequencies help me detoxify these, making it easier to cope from day to day. Several months ago I accidentally got a graphite sliver in my finger, and did not notice it until it got infected. I removed it and put antibiotic ointment on my finger. But a couple of days later the infection was worse with swelling and a red streak running down my finger. Well, it was the Rife Frequencies to the rescue. I used the frequencies for staff infections and within a few days the swelling and redness was almost completely gone.

So there is no more going to the doctor anymore, or taking unwanted drugs. And it is saving me hundreds of dollars. My husband also uses this technology and has good results, so we are well pleased with this product.

Thanks so much for your expert advice and improving our health.

Sally E.

Little Rock, AR



Dear Sir,

We have a friend who loaned us his older Rife Machine. It helped my wife so much she suggested we purchase one for ourselves. My wife has Bursitis in her right hip. Whenever it flares up she uses the BCX Ultra and her symptoms disappear!

I have Bursitis in both of my thumbs and after a short session with the BCX Ultra my pain is gone and my thumbs function normally again! Not long ago I separated some ribs. As I understand it, they could have taken months to heal. I again used the BCX Ultra and within 3 days I was pain free. I had to twist and stretch to verify my ribs weren’t totally healed. Within just a few more days all of the pain was gone and I was back to normal

My wife and I are looking forward to growing old together now that we have the BCX Ultra! We are confident that most of the ailments that come along will be able to be handled with our “Pro-Active” approach to health and the aid of our BCX Ultra.

Thank you,

Russ E.



  • US Price US $2695 (shipping included – within the continental US)
  • Canada Price US $2705 (shipping included)

Send me an email or call 416-534-0002 and I’ll give you PayPal payment instructions.







This technology is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. We make no claims, either stated or implied. If you are in ill health, see your healthcare professional. This device is for personal experimental research purposes only.


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  1. Question: with the purchase of the BCX Ultra, is there some kind of user’s manual that gives frequencies to use for various uses, i.e. microbes, conditions, applying to water, etc., etc. Or, is the owner/user just thrown in the dark to go find out on his/her own what frequencies to use for whatever purpose?

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