Kinesiology Test Shows Amazing Effect Of The Flower Of Life

If you muscle test someone who carries a personal electronic device such as a cell phone or mp3 player not only will their muscles go weak but strange things also happen to the joints. Certain ones will lose their flexibility … Continue reading

How To Neutralize The Negative Effects Of Electronics Using The Flower Of Life

    The diagram below is known as the Flower Of Life. It is not just an interesting drawing. It is a geometrical figure that is an integral part of Sacred Geometry. Recently I discovered I was able to use a printed Flower … Continue reading

Be Still And Know Who YOU Are

Are you asleep? Perhaps you have been hypnotized.   Most of the time we live our lives caught up in busy-ness and exterior activities. We worry about the future or we’re totally absorbed in the past. We are conditioned and brain washed … Continue reading

Dumbed Down By The Education System? Awaken Your Genius Now!

  Ask yourself this – have you ever felt: that there has been enormous pressure in your family and in society for you to conform? and that many people operate from a kind of mindless herd mentality? Do you often … Continue reading

The System is Collapsing. The Rise Of The Network. The Fall Of Hierarchy.

Something gigantic is playing out on the world stage right now and it will affect every aspect of your life, from politics to religion, from international relations to science, from the media to medicine and business. As Bob Dylan once … Continue reading

A Story Of AIDS & Young Living Essential Oils

Remember the great law of karma? Some people know it as “What goes around, comes around”. It’s the same thing. You can help so many people with just your kindness and sharing. And in my experience I end up with more … Continue reading

Find Your Heart’s Passion. It Gives You Strength.

In this video I use kinesiology (muscle testing) to demonstrate that using the intelligence of the heart gives you strength. When you operate out of passion, love and forgiveness you become physically stronger. Conversely, when you live in anger, fear and … Continue reading