It’s As Plain As The Nose On Your Face pt.1

You don’t need a university degree to read someone’s face. We’ve known instinctively how to do this all our lives. It is hard wired into us.

When you are in someone’s presence they give many clues which tell you whether they are fuming or playful or child-like or malicious. You can feel it. You can see it on their face. It is not an intellectual thing.

First you will need to look at the chart below which covers the different functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. I included a similar chart in my last posting.

There are some important principles to remember:

  • The masculine left brain controls the right side of the body. Conversely, the feminine right brain controls the left side of the body.
  • So, your right side is about how you project in the world.
  • Your left side is about who you really are.

Knowing this we can look at someone’s face with a new appreciation. Below is a very well known photo of Jim Morrison, the charismatic lead singer of  the legendary rock group The Doors. Bursting onto the music scene in 1967, The Doors had a meteoric rise to fame and then crashed in 1971 when Jim died of a drug overdose.

Now I’ve edited the above photo by splitting Jim’s face into right and left halves. Below I’ve recreated Jim’s face using only the right side. Remember the right side (controlled by the left brain) is how Jim would project in the world. Here we see a child-like innocence. It’s the look of a boy who feels he has done something wrong, but there is also a quality of determination and resentment.

Right Side

Next is Jim’s left side controlled by the right brain. This is who he really was. The only words that come to me are extreme rage, revenge and destructiveness. What do you see?

Left Side

Below is Abraham Lincoln’s photo taken Nov 8, 1863 four months after the Battle of Gettysberg and shortly before the Gettysberg Address. We know that he had been horrified by the huge death toll of the American Civil War.

His right side is how he projected in the world. Kind of dour looking, isn’t he?

Right Side

Below his left side, who he really was. The effect is quite corpse-like or much the same as someone who has left body consciousness and gone into deep meditation.

Macrobiotics teacher George Ohsawa called the condition where the sclera (the white part of the eye) appears below the iris, sanpaku, and said it is indicative of premature death.

Left Side

Some notes:

  • I have chosen two fairly dramatic examples for face reading. You won’t see corpses or enraged demons, as I have indicated here, in most people.
  • I feel it is best to choose a photo that is not posed. Something caught off guard will show you a lot more about your subject.

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I gratefully accept your comments and feedback.




May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.

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