A Story Of AIDS And Essential Oils

Remember the great law of karma? Some people know it as “What goes around, comes around”. It’s the same thing.

You can help so many people with just your kindness and sharing. And in my experience I end up with more business and good karma than ever. It’s a combination you just can’t beat.

In this video Dev Khalsa talks about his encounter with a woman with AIDS.

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If you have a medical condition please seek professional advice.






May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.


PS I gratefully accept your comments and feedback.


A Story Of AIDS And Essential Oils — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Dev,
    I’m a flight attendant and would love to know what other oils other than Baisl could I use the clear my body of heavy metals? I welcome all suggestions that would help in my nasty environment. I’ve just turned 50 and also interested in maintaining my youth and viltality.

  2. Hi Dev,
    What an inspiration you are. I believe one of the biggest secrets to live is living your purpose, you are certainly doing it. Not only are you hands on but an inspiration to all those who watch and benefit.

  3. Hi Dev;

    How wonderful to hear your voice & see you again. I do believe you had already shared that story with me & it was great to be reminded of it again.

    My husband is still very much alive & well (without their poison & burn.) As you know he did have surgery. Every day that he’s in our lives is a blessing.

    I will most certainly look forward to hearing from you whenever you have the time.

    Judy Chaplin

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