Solar + Wind Power = INDEPENDENCE

Today we installed a wind turbine at our location Spectrum Healing
Arts Centre
north of Minden, Ontario. We have already been completely off the electrical grid now using solar power for four years.

Since solar doesn’t give us much power in the depths of December the addition of the wind generator is a welcome boost. Today is a very special event for us.

The last time I checked Ontario generated 1/3 of its power with nuclear, an extremely hazardous technology so going off grid is not only our way of saying no to this but also gives us independence from the system.

I gratefully accept your comments and feedback.




May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.

About Dev Khalsa

Welcome my friend! My name is Dev Sarang Khalsa and I am a visionary scientist, yogi, master kinesiologist and entrepreneur. I have a passion for following the path of the heart.


  1. It could interest you. it is a Quantum Energy Generator.

  2. Id like to see more on your solar system and how it works as Im interested in installing the same and help the earth to consume less power

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