Raw Whole Food Juicing For Antioxidants

In the video below I am using my Vitamix to juice a mixture of fresh pineapple, banana, peach, raspberry, blueberry and Young Living’s Ningxia Red juice. These whole raw food juices are known to be high in antioxidants which protect us from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and ageing. The best source for antioxidants is from the whole food itself, not a supplement.

Antioxidants are rated according to their ORAC level to give us an indication of their relative effectiveness at scavenging up those nasty free radicals. In my fruit smoothie I’ve got the following fruits (to the right is the associated ORAC rating):

Pineapple 385
Banana 879
Raspberry 1220
Blueberry 2906
Peach 6257
Goji Berry (in Young Living’s Ningxia Red) 25,300
I learned something from Mike Adams at NaturalNews.com recently. He is currently showing a very interesting video, “The Truth About Sunlight, Sunburn And Vitamin D“.

Contrary to what the mainstream media says about sunlight causing cancer, the truth is that it only causes cancer when you are deficient in antioxidants. You need plenty of sunlight (like, DUUH!) and that sunlight actually protects you from cancer by causing you to produce vitamin D. Watch his video.

In the last few weeks I spent a lot of time outdoors working shirtless on our new greenhouse and wind turbine. Even after days in full sun with no “skin protection” (see Trash Your Sunscreen and Other Summer Sun Tips) I did not burn and I am, of course, a white guy. I used to burn when my diet had fewer antioxidants.



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May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.

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