The Science of Cold Water Therapy

The science of the cold shower or Ishnaan was taught to me by my teacher Yogi Bhajan as part of a practice of rising very early before dawn and preparing myself for yoga and meditation.

Cold showers have been used since ancient times and the method is one of the best kept secrets to promote overall radiant health. It is only in developed countries where we have the luxury of hot water that people have forgotten how to take cold baths.

Yogi Bhajan

The regular practice of cold shower therapy:

•strengthens the immune system.
•rejuvenates the glandular system.
•improves blood circulation and flushes out toxins.
•strengthens the nervous system.
•increases fertility in men.
•builds courage!
• is a natural anti-depressant.

This last one is definitely an understatement.

Use the cold water tap only!

You can prepare yourself before the shower by applying some almond oil to your body.

Now get in the shower and turn on the cold water tap only. As the cold water hits my skin I use the Breath of Fire which I presented in my last post. It allows me to go through any initial “reluctance” if I may call it that.

I also massage the skin where the water hits and stay with the cold water until it actually begins to feel warm. This is the secret. Your body will actually start to feel warm and it is a sign that your circulatory system is meeting the cold.

What is happening is when the cold water meets the surface of your skin, blood from from the interior organs rushes to the surface to counter the cold. In the process the capillaries are dilated and toxins are flushed out. Blood circulation is improved. You actually feel warm through your day and have an increased resistance to cold.

The glandular system is stimulated and the pituitary releases “feel good” polypeptides called endorphins.

Taking a cold shower makes me feel young, invigorated, alive and alert! Wowie zowie!

This cold shower method, or Ishnaan, is not to be used if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or are menstruating. Please check with your healthcare practitioner before practicing it.


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May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.

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Welcome my friend! My name is Dev Sarang Khalsa and I am a visionary scientist, yogi, master kinesiologist and entrepreneur. I have a passion for following the path of the heart.


  1. Thank You for all you do.

  2. You actually changed my life in a better way this morning. Thank you

  3. Hello Dev Khalsa,
    I have watched your video and read yogi bhajan’s lecture on ishnaan. Thank you very much for sharing this with the world. I have been doing ishnaan for 32 days now, sometime twice a day and I absolutely love it!
    I had couple of questions:
    1) Is it okay to take a hot shower following 12-15 minutes of cold shower? If yes, can this cycle be repeated?
    2)During the cold shower is it necessary to step away and message your body before stepping back into it? or is it okay to take a continues cold shower for 12-15 minutes?
    And, can you recommend a place to learn kundalini Yoga in NYC
    Thank you,

    • Wow Daya! All I can say is see what works for you.

      I personally do the cold shower in the early morning before meditation and I ONLY use cold water. I make it quick and efficient; two to five minutes max is all I need.

      I stand under the cold spray and rub my body vigorously where the water hits my skin. I also use breath of fire which comes automatically, especially in WINTER!

      I don’t know any KY teachers in NYC. Good luck!


  4. Neurosurgeon Discusses the POWER of COLD Therapy – DR. Jack Kruse ….. Peace, Sheldon

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