Stopping The World

Normally the logical linear mind runs our life.

It never stops calculating, planning, analyzing, strategizing and doing all those essential things that organize our day.

It gives you that ongoing dialogue in your head. It tells you that the world is this and the world is that and somebody is this and somebody else is that. It never stops.

There is a problem. It likes nothing less than TOTAL CONTROL and if you let it have control your world becomes very limited and you will never have even an inkling of an experience of your vastness. You are trapped in a box with the lid shut tight.

There is something that never ceases to fascinate me. Our ability to perceive is very much like trying to look down into a body of water.

In our normal  waking consciousness when our logical linear minds are in command, the surface of the water is rough and choppy and chaotic. You will never see through to the bottom.

But, if even for an instant, you can create a state of coherence in your thought waves by becoming very very quiet, something truly awesome can happen.

At that point the surface of the water becomes like glass and it is possible to peer through to the depths.

Carlos Castaneda’s teacher, Don Juan, once said, “Seeing is the final accomplishment of the man of knowledge, and seeing is attained only when one has stopped the world.”

For Don Juan stopping the world meant suspending our ongoing dialogue to the point that our world-construct is made to collapse.

He said, “In order to stop the world, you must stop doing. It is important that without doing, nothing is familiar. If nothing is familiar, everything is new and unknown and experienced for the first time. It is unconditioned. When you try to figure it out, all you’re really doing is trying to make the world familiar.”

I’ll continue more about meditation in an upcoming post.

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May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.

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