Native Elder Vern Harper At Sacred Ojibway Site – Dreamer’s Rock

I went with my friend, native elder and holy man Vern “Asin” Harper to a reserve in northern Ontario a few days ago. Vern’s granddaughter had just died at the age of 29 and we were there to help with the funeral.

While we were at the reserve we visited the most sacred site of the Ojibway nation, Dreamer’s Rock, where Vern got out his sweetgrass, tobacco and prayer pipe and did a blessing for all of humanity.

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May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.


Native Elder Vern Harper At Sacred Ojibway Site – Dreamer’s Rock — 8 Comments

  1. I am an elder of the Waganakising Odawa Nation. I also carry Lakota blood. I enjoyed the video. What an honor to be able to help Asin to Dreamer’s Rock and be present as he prayed. I would like to go there one day.

  2. hi my name is robert gosnell i have had the great privlage and honour to meet elder asin back in 2003 and part take in the sweat lodge cermony with him and his family i am desperate to make contact with him again as i often think about him and hows he doing please let him no my email address your with gratitude robert gosnell

  3. Hi Dev,
    In your wanderings have you come across a lot of different reservations? I recently saw a video (search on You Tube- Pine Ridge Reservation) this is the one I saw watch?v=q2BwAjKRX3I Also a lot of videos about WHY, which is when all the children were taken away, breaking the bonds of the family and their culture.
    My question to you is, are most reservations like this now? Can we help set up recovery centers by petitioning the govt. and asking people like Robert Redford and other activist celebrities?

    When I saw this last week, I had NO Idea!! Did you know the children were still being sent off up until the ’70s? Also same in Australia (see end of movie ‘Australia’ with Kidman and Jackman).

    Now, when I see non-natives performing sacred ceremonies for money, I want to tell them to send some to the Propane fund or the EREZ fund.

    I ask you because of your experience and influence…is it bad for them everywhere? If more people knew about the neglect of these people, funding could be allocated and, rehab centers and First Nation Culture schools can be opened near the reservations if not On them.
    Thank you for your posts and time helping others.,

    • M

      You will have to look around. There are a lot of pow wows in the fall. Vern doesn’t like anyone to join him in his purification lodges unless he has met them personally and checked them out.


      • Hi Dev my name is Robert Gosnell I am writing to ask you to pass on my email onto elder Vern Harper Asin as I am a man that had the great privilege and honour to spend time with him and his family and part take in the sweat lodge and peace pipe ceremony I humbly ask you to help me in this quest as I feel it is very important to me but on a physical and spiritual level thank you Robert Gosnell

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