A Little Advice For Men. How To Relate To A Woman.

I‘ve been thinking for awhile about doing a post for men on how to improve their relationship with women. What spurred me on was I came across an article dated July 15, 2012 at the site of the British newspaper, The Telegraph, titled IQ Tests: Women Score Higher Than Men.

It appears that over the last 100 years that IQ tests have been conducted women have been gaining in their scores and have now surpassed men. As far as I can tell the IQ score only relates to reasoning or logical ability. We have other kinds of intelligence, four in all to be exact:

  1. the linear logical reasoning of the left brain
  2. the artistic and creative intelligence of the right brain
  3. the love intelligence of the heart
  4. the access to the super consciousness through the pineal gland

For those of you who question the heart as an intelligence just check out the following description of the heart at the HeartMath Institute:

“Our research and that of others indicate that the heart is far more than a simple pump. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional “brain” that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, and ultimately determine the quality of life.”

Ultimately it is true that when someones says, “I know in my heart”, they really do know in their heart.

Update: See also The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” and Consciousness

Guys, it is already abundantly clear that women have more ability than us when it comes to the creative right brain and the heart. Now we know for sure they can out reason us with their logical left brains. We men are totally out classed.

Now, if the main way you relate to woman is as a place to get your rocks off, somewhere down the road you are going to experience a VERY BIG PROBLEM.

Remember, woman is a goddess. Woman is totally divine. She is so beautiful, graceful and merciful. She is a giver and a nurturer. She is THE MOTHER herself.

A woman’s heart is sacred and you are there to protect her. When you relate to any woman think of her as either your grandmother, your mother, your sister, your daughter or your lover.

Because she is more naturally connected to her heart than you, in a way you could say she is a superior creation than you. In short, she is your teacher.

From her you can learn to get out of living life through the perception of your puny logic and your puny testicles. Only then you can start to experience life from the magnificence of your heart.

If you are not willing to learn this lesson you will then begin to experience “the bitch”. Now, if your woman is being bitchy I have a little advice for you. Don’t do the standard knee jerk reaction and dismiss her bitchiness as hormones. She just might have something really important to say to you. Honour her and listen to her from your heart. Tune in very carefully to what she is saying.

It is true she just might be coming from a place of insecurity or fear and that is OK because you and I have both been there too.

Just remember three things: be steady, love her and take care of her.




May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.


I appreciate your comments and feedback.



About Dev Khalsa

Welcome my friend! My name is Dev Sarang Khalsa and I am a visionary scientist, yogi, master kinesiologist and entrepreneur. I have a passion for following the path of the heart.


  1. The world is over populated , out of balance due to societies pressures to have what those around you have . This cascade effect will be our doom only a pandemic and a new start will save the human race . The problem is that the NWO leaders will be there after and the same old values will be wheeled out . We need a revolution , the masses are kept on their knees for this reason.Women are often the motivators for accepting the status quo so when you say they are more in tune with their hearts I don’t agree with you .

  2. Dev, where do you extrapolate that woman have greater developed right brain and heart intelligence than men ? Evolved consciousnesses is male and female combined. I know many great artists throughout history that were men, they don’t have a developed right brain ? Some of the most poetic writes were men, they don’t have a developed heart ?

    Please don’t generalize for the sake of simplicity. Maybe most men are just too shy to show their emotions like women do, doesn’t mean they don’t a developed sense.

  3. Great post Dev ( as always 🙂

    I think it is also important to remember that us men are also divine expressions of the sacred – the sacred masculine, that by honoring this in ourselves we can express the beauty of the whole healed masculine which allows us to dance with, honor and co create with the sacred feminine. The scared masculine and feminine are not fluffy, when we step into these roles fully in our lives it is important to respect and honor each expression’s gifts, they both have their dark and light aspects.

    I don’t believe the whole sacred feminine truly wants anything other than her equal, the whole sacred masculine. If one is not up to scratch, they will potentially be devoured by the other! and the relationship will not work or at the very least won’t be a healthy one.

    My wife and I live from this perspective and have a very beautiful, healthy whole relationship, we both respect each other and honor the light and dark in each other. We know we both have swords and claws, but are open about them and so do not need to use them. It was only by being with a whole sacred feminine that i could express my whole sacred masculine, i tried before in prior relationships but it didn’t work / caused problems.

    Growing up i was always taught to honor the feminine, but there was never enough about honoring the sacred masculine. In truth this left me feeling slightly at a loss as to what it was to be male and a living expression of the masculine, sometimes even feeling ashamed of my gender and viewing it as inferior. At the time all i could see through history was how destructive and wounded the masculine expression had been. This lack was a gift, it sent me on a long journey to find the sacred masculine for myself and within myself. I now live from this place and perspective and would encourage all men to claim this role for thier own! There is no Goddess without a God and visa versa. Whether your partner is the same or opposite sex to you, honor them by truly being all you are…by being whole and really living your sacred expression.

    Just wanted to add that to balance it out a bit :).



    • Hi there Gabriel

      Thank you for your comment.

      My intention in creating this post was to address the damaged masculine because of how pervasive its influence is at all levels of our society, ultimately leading to the rape of the planet, the economic subjugation and slavery of billions, and endless war.

      When I was younger I too felt a lot of shame because of the behaviour of men, particularly white men. I ended up quitting my career and spent nearly a year hitchhiking from Canada to South America to sort things out for myself.

      The healing role of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine is a subject that is crying to be talked about.


      • Hi Dev,

        Indeed there is a lot of damaged masculine (and feminine) out there, however i am seeing more and more whole healed masculines (and feminines) come forward, there is most definitely a big shift going on! It is a wonderful thing to witness, and as you say very much what is needed at this time.

        There is a wonderful concept in the Laika traditions of South America called Yanantin and Masantin (a sort of complementary dualism), and the healers there often work in male – female pairs as it is believed to be more whole, deeper and less one sided.

        I think it is especially important that the new generations growing up are modeled healthy whole sacred masculine and sacred feminine roles, something i would like to explore in the future.

        Once again thank you Dev for a thought provoking and interesting post 🙂



  4. Je suis regulierement vos posts et c’est toujours un plaisir de regarder les videos mais je dois dire que celle-la m’a fais vraiment rigoler. Un grand bonjour de Seoul a toute l’equipe de Spectrum Healing.

  5. Beautiful writeup we men do have much to learn from women, however, there is a new game in town where men and women are training in a university program to let their heart lead them. This is a profound path that will put a man back in right relations with the goddess woman. Not to mention his own heart!
    It is at this link.


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