A Rebuttal To Obama’s 2012 State Of The Union Address



Mr Obama began his 2012 State of the Union address by talking about war and ended it with war. Here is my own version:

A. On the home front:

1. The Internet Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

And with it we have the rise of blogging and the alternative media. The internet is the greatest democratic forum ever created by the hand of man and governments and corporations DO NOT like it one little bit when their corruption gets massive exposure.

This is why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that the State Department needs more money because the US government is “losing the information war” to the alternative media. The reason, Hillary dear, that so many people go to alternative media is because they are fully aware that the mainstream media feeds them a daily diet of lies and misinformation, pushing an agenda which promotes never ending war and the wholesale destruction of individual liberties. And no amount of money that you pour into this “information war” Hillary, is going to fix this.

Unless of course, the government gets the power to censor or even shut down the internet. Fortunately their latest draconican solution, the dreaded SOPA & PIPA legislation, went down in flames due to massive online protest. This is an important issue for the powers that be. They have not given up and they will try again.

2. The Ron Paul Revolution

The Ron Paul Revolution only exists because of the internet. Despite unprecedented smear campaigns by the mainstream media the public is seeing for the first time an actual discussion on the mass media of:

  • the Federal Reserve bankster cartel
  • the illegal and unconstitutional wars
  • the principles of sound money
  • the wholesale gutting of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

3. Public outrage over the ongoing economic collapse and the bailout of the banksters

The public knows the banking system operates as a fraudulent Ponzi scheme where high power criminals get off scot-free and the taxpayer ultimately shoulders all the debt. In 2010 for the first time ever, a partial audit of the Federal Reserve revealed $16 trillion in secret free bailouts for bankers. This sum is greater than the entire US national debt accumulated since 1776.

4. The Icing On The Cake – The Naked Fascism Of The NDAA

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) was signed into law by Barak Obama on December 31, 2011. It declares the US to be a battlefield and gives the military the power to arrest American citizens, detain them indefinitely, torture and interrogate them without charge or trial.

It effectively implements martial law in the US and nullifies the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and the Posse Comitatus, which has prohibited the military from policing civilians inside the US since 1878.


B. On the international front:

Because of the escalating collapse the only solution left for “the powers that be” to retain their control is to start a really big war and thereby impose full jackboot martial law.

The same neocons who lied their way into invading Iraq in 2003, are at it again this time beating the war drum ever more loudly for an attack on Iran. It is truly remarkable how many of these warmongers are former draft dodgers who escaped military service but are more than willing to send your kids off to the front.

It is important to note that on January 10 of this year US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, openly admitted on national television that Iran is not, in fact, developing nuclear weapons.

Even Israel admits that Iran has not decided to build a nuclear bomb. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz noted on January 18th that Israeli officials are presenting an intelligence assessment to US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, that indicates that Iran has not yet decided whether to make a nuclear bomb.

update: see New York Times Caught Lying about Iran & IAEA Report on Civilian Nuclear Program

The irony of this is that while all the media and governments are pointing their finger at Iran:

Mr Obama, before you decide on an attack on Iran it would be helpful to know a little bit of Iranian history since it is never mentioned on the mainstream media.

Remember it was America’s CIA who in 1953 overthrew the popularly elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh after he kicked out British Petroleum and nationalized Iran’s oil industry. The CIA then installed the Shah who ruled as supreme dictator for the next 26 years.

In 1979 in  just a teeny weeny bit of blowback the Iranians threw out the unpopular Shah during the Iranian Revolution and in their anger for America held 52 US citizens hostage for 444 days during the Iran Hostage Crisis. America has been nurturing a grudge against Iran ever since.

In just another little note, Mr. Obama, remember that both the Russians and the Chinese are warning that any meddling in Iran could lead to World War III. Just thought I’d mention this.

It is clear we have entered a very dangerous period. Now if we can stop this war 2012 will be the quintessential watershed year…

because We, The People will have triumphed.

update: protests in Poland over ACTA internet censorship




May there be peace in our hearts.

May there be peace for all humanity.

May there be perfect peace on earth.


I appreciate your comments and feedback.

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